Shell Station — San Francisco, CA

This project was a complete reconstruction of an existing Shell Station with a new fueling pad, canopy, a larger convenience store, and a carwash directly across from Golden Gate Park. The underground fuel tanks also had to be replaced in a new location on the site. The project incorporated a green roof over the carwash as well as a landscaped stormwater planter to intercept and treat stormwater prior to runoff flowing into an underground detention system. This project was notable for the strict stormwater standards it had to meet in the City of San Francisco as well as the coordination during design involving several City agencies and Caltrans.

Construction Value: $750,000

Completion Date: 2013

AutoZone — Salinas, CA

This project included the demolition of an existing financial services building and the construction of a 6,002 square foot two-story AutoZone building for auto parts retail use with a new parking lot. This project featured an area of permeable pavement over a stormwater infiltration trench to provide stormwater quality and runoff reduction measures.

Construction value: $1 million

Completion date: 2015

Montano de El Dorado Shopping Center — El Dorado Hills, CA

CWE has been involved with the planning and civil engineering of all phases of this high-end commercial development. Montano De El Dorado Retail Plaza offers a meticulously detailed environment with elements such as cascading waterfalls, spacious plazas, fountains, accented lighting, outdoor fireplaces, lush landscaping, and stunning local cityscape views – integrated with rich Mediterranean style architecture to increase the pleasure of the retail shopping experience. Engineering features include the extensive use of segmental retaining walls with landscaping planted within the terraced portions of the walls. The initial phase of this project went through great lengths to preserve the single large oak tree on the site, requiring meticulous grading design and large earthwork measures during construction.

Construction value: $15 million

Completion date: ongoing

Holiday Inn Express — Eureka, CA

This project included the construction of a 23,000 square foot Holiday Inn Express Hotel and the surrounding parking lot and landscaping. Since this project was located less than a mile from the Pacific Ocean, stormwater pollutants were a concern. This project featured an underground vault filled with proprietary media filters designed to treat stormwater runoff and remove pollutants prior to its discharge into the existing public storm drain system.

Construction Value: $1 million

Completion date: 2013

  • Site Development – General Commercial & Industrial in Sacramento

  • Travelers Building, 428 J Street
  • The Jackson Laboratories, 100,000 SF Industrial Complex
  • Natomas Professional Center, 16 Class A buildings
  • Centerpointe Professional Business Park, 10 acres
  • Hostess Wonderbread Renovation
  • Sacramento Jet Center, Hangar & Commercial Building,
    Sacramento International Airport
  • Clarion Hotel
  • Double Tree Hotel
  • The Park, C Street
  • 6650 Asher Lane
  • South Watt/Alder Commercial
  • 2530 Tesla Way Commercial
  • Segundo/Pell
  • South Watt/Alder
  • 2800 and 2810 Gateway Oaks
  • 650 University Avenue
  • 10151 Elder Creek Road
  • 3601 and 3607 Del Paso Blvd

Site Development – Retail Commercial

  • Dollar General, Willow Street, Sacramento
  • AutoZone Store, Fruitridge, Sacramento
  • Valley Mack Shopping Center Retrofit, Sacramento
  • Town & Country Shopping Center Expansion, Sacramento
  • Filco Retail Center, Sacramento
  • California Family Fitness, Truxel Road, Sacramento
  • California Family Fitness, Florin Road, Sacramento
  • Walerga Road Retail Center, Sacramento
  • Manzanita Starbucks, Sacramento
  • In N Out Restaurant, Sacramento

Sacramento’s multifamily market will stay hot in 2016

Low inventory, popularity of urban living drives demand

A crane lifts a prefabricated modular unit into place at the Eviva project on N and 16th streets in October 2015.

What created such a hot market for apartments was a nexus of three factors: demographics, economy and housing supply.

Starting in reverse order, housing supply is the most direct cause. Single-family home construction is still far from normal levels in the region, much less back to the peaks. The same is true for multifamily construction, caused by barriers to financing on one side and neighbors filing suits on the other. Simply put, there aren’t many places for apartment renters to go.
The improved economy plays a part, too. With most of the jobs added in recent years in service professions, there are plenty of people who are making some money but not enough to afford to buy a home. When rents are rising but occupancy, so far, isn’t dropping, it’s an indication renters are digging deeper into their pockets. Apparently, they can afford to do so.
Demographics is the third big factor. Not only is there a shortage of new homes to buy, but some consumers – particularly millennials – aren’t that interested in greenfield developments. With that generation’s bent toward urban living, apartments – even when rents are rising – are the obvious choice in Sacramento, where condos and single-family homes around downtown are still pretty rare.
Combined, those three factors explain how a project like Bay Miry‘s 16 Powerhouse, which finished this year, filled up entirely in about four months. Rents started at $2,000 a month and topped at $4,500. Other projects, such as Eviva and the Whole Foods project, are on deck to test the market next. For now, the odds are good.
Source: Business Journal