Progress on the Oroville Dam

In February, 2017 water overflowed into the 50 year old spillway and ended up flowing under the concrete spillway. This caused uplifting of the existing concrete section of spillway and destroying the much needed flood protection for existing properties downstream. This footage shows the reconstruction of the spillway. Total cost for repairs is about $870 million.

Oroville Dam

The State of Our Nation’s Infrastructure

As a driver on our public roads you’ve undoubtedly seen the deterioration of our nation’s infrastructure from highways, bridges, dams and underground pipelines. The list below shows the ranking of US States from the best infrastructure to the worst. It’s interesting to see that California has the 5th worst infrastructure in the country. Only 4 states have infrastructure worse than the Golden State.



Quote of the Month:

“I was taught that the way of progress is neither swift nor easy.”

Marie Curie, physicist and chemist